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      " I have been a yo-yo dieter for more years than I care to remember and have tried all of the diets that have been around.    Joining Donna's classes was the breakthrough! Firstly she gave me an eating plan that was not only healthy but the meals are really tasty with some great receipts. The exercise classes are fun and I love the banter that goes on and what is so important, Donna doesn't ever judge just gives great advice and tremendous support. 

So what's been the result, well, I've lost 2 Stones in weight in just over 3 months,  my hair and complexion has improved. My fitness level has never been as good, I regularly take a 3 to 4 miles walks and choose to walk over the car when ever I can.

My husband said he would follow the diet to give me encouragement and he has also lost 2 stones, he's definitely a fan too.  

So, if a yo-yo dieter like me can succeed on this plan, anyone can.

Donna thank you so much,


I've been attending Donna's classes for almost twelve years and enjoy them for many reasons. Our classes are so varied and include
Aerobics, Salsa, Dance Fitness and toning. We are given help and advice on healthy eating. We have so much fun that it's sometimes easy to forget that whilst we are enjoying ourselves, we are also keeping fit and getting healthier.
Donna and team are amazing and work so hard to make every class special!

Love Marilyn

I cannot thank the whole team at DME Fitness enough for my incredible weight loss journey from 15st 8lb to my favourite weight of 10st 2lb with a total inch loss of 74 inches and for keeping me on track, maintenance wise for over 2 years now.

The support has been amazing, the exercise classes are so much fun, every class is different making sure that I never get bored of going.

I have made so many new friends to share the experience with, we swop healthy eating tip and recipes to make the whole new way of a healthier lifestyle more fun and varied.

Thank-you Donna,
Jayne Sheriff
Age 51 feels like 21!

When I first joined Donna's classes I was unsure of what to expect - perhaps boring aerobics and mind-numbing talks about weight-management..? My experience couldn't have been further from the truth, its not about getting skinny, but about eating less and exercising more - the classes are full or variety and fun, making fitness something to enjoy not endure. I've made loads of new friends too!
Jackie F


I joined DME Fitness back in July 2009 I was extremely overweight, unhappy and needed help to get myself into shape.

At the time I was unfit, lazy and couldn't be bothered to exercise. With Donna and her teams help I totally changed my attitude towards food and exercise which resulted in losing 5st 7lb and better still I have maintained my current weight for 3 years only

fluctuating a couple of pound either way. My attitude towards exercise has transformed as well. 
I now swim twice a week and do daily strength/toning exercise and regularly go on 4/5 mile walks!

Exercise and leading a healthy lifestyle have become a big part of my life which is something I never thought I would say 5 years ago.
Without Donna and her teams help and encouragement I wouldn't be the person I am today or be moving towards a career in the health industry. I encourage anyone looking to lose weight, get fit and have a little fun while doing

it to join one of Donnas' classes without delay.

You won't regret it, I certainly don't!



I started Donna's Dance Fitness class back in January 2013 and it's the best decision I ever made, It is so much fun whilst being challenging too, but, you are laughing so much you forget the good you are doing for your body and health. I also started doing the aerobics class on a Thursday and that too is amazing fun and so good for you. Thanks Donna for your wonderful classes and I wish you every success as you deserve it.

Lots of love Angela M

Like a good many people, I have spent my life battling me weight and had just about given up the fight. In Jan 2009, aged 55, weighing 14st 12lb and at my lowest level of fitness ever, I made the decision to try Donna's fitness class. Five years later, more than 5 stones lighter and fitter and healthier than I've ever been, even though I'm now 60!!! It was the best decision I ever made. My BMI dropped from 37 to 24, I lost 12 inches from my bust 12 inches from my waist and 11 inches from my hips, my blood pressure is really good and I'm still surprised by how small my clothes are!

But it's not just about weight loss. It is important to me that the classes focus on exercise and fitness. I can do so much now that I couldn't do then. I have loads of energy and feel fantastic, I love to walk everywhere and I am always first up the hill!
It's been 4 years since I lost 5 stones and I am really anxious never to regain that weight. I find there is a discipline I need in attending regularly. I still love Donna's traditional Aerobics classes and now I also enjoy attending her wonderful Dance Fitness classes - a great way to have a real hoot and keep fit.

I feel so lucky to have found Donna: my inspiration and motivator. Donna helped me with her advice and encouragement and entirely changed my way of life. Her classes are such good fun and the members are so friendly and supportive of each other. And there is such a variety of people in the classes, ranging from young through to old. Some are in their 80's - they are a wonderful inspiration to me, proving that you're never to old to lose weight and get fit, and there are some real characters! No matter how hopelessly inept at the moves you might feel, nobody cares and we all have a good laugh. I felt quite timid before my first class, but needn't have worried; you're not a stranger for long.

Thank you Donna and team and my classmates, for helping me to

get my life back!

Chris Vallely

I love dancing and liked the idea of Dance Fitness. I wanted to try a class out but to be honest was a bit worried about going on my own .  Why I worried I don't know !!!
I contacted Donna initially who was very helpful. She made me feel at ease about going along to a class. I attended my first class and couldn't have been made to feel more welcome. It was great and I continued to keep going to the classes. I felt better for it and at the same time got  to have a good laugh. It was so nice to be in a class where it doesn't matter  what you do. Literally smile and freestyle !!!
I then progressed to aerobic classes and Fitness Pilates. Two years on I now attend between 4-5 classes a week and my fitness is so much better. I certainly have noticed the difference .
DME fitness is a wonderful fitness group to be part of . I've made great friends and laughed so much. I've gained confidence and learnt a lot about exercise. The instructors are fantastic and are always able to help .
I would recommend DME fitness to anyone. I get to start my day dancing and singing !!!

Love the DME Fitness Ladies


I joined DME a couple of years ago with a friend, then we slowly stopped going. However with my wedding arranged I wanted to do something to smooth my curves out and shed a few pounds. So back in January I started back at the tuesday evening class, at Westfield and with the help of Sophie, and thanks to the fabulous fun, dancing, moving and singing with some of the warmest most welcoming ladies I have ever met, I lost a stone and had inches taken out of my wedding dress: 4 inches everywhere and 7 from my hips!

Such a dramatic achievement in just 9 months. DME Fitness instructors really do work miracles!

Taking part in the Dance Fitness class, with varying types of choreography gave me the extra confidence to be able to learn and perform a pretty fabulous first dance for my wedding too!

I've since started the Fitness Pilates and my core feels so much stronger and sit-ups

are a pleasure to do - Who can say that?!!

Amazing instructors with fantastic energy and so full of smiles you really can

forget you are exercising!

I would, and frequently do, recommended DME Fitness to anyone.

 Heidi Xx