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About DME Fitness

I recently asked some of my lovely ladies to give me three words to describe how they felt before they joined our classes...

FAT, FED UP & FRUMPY were amazingly the top three responses.

My next question was "What stopped you from joining a class before?" the answer really shocked me. For most it was the thought of walking into a room full of Lycra Clad, teenage, stick insects all bouncing around looking perfect.

Well I can promise you, when you come to DME Fitness you will find a warm welcome and real women, we don't do Lycra or Perfection, we do Fitness, Friendship and Fun.

We all have the same hang-ups and we all want the same thing, to be a little bit slimmer, to feel a bit fitter, to look fabulous in our clothes and that's our favourite clothes, not the only ones that fit us, but (and it's a BIG BUT) we all want to have a good laugh while we do it. So, you will find fabulous music, easy to follow routines and no pressure to be perfect. You will also meet some of the nicest people ever.

I've been teaching exercise for 19 years and I love absolutely every class! I'm passionate about music, good, sing-along at the top of your voice music and I believe that everyone should feel like they are succeeding so my choreography is simple to follow and always set to the best music, it could be from today, from a film or musical or from as far back as the 50's 60's 70's and 80's what ever makes us move and whatever we enjoy.

The boring bit... I'm a qualified Instructor in Exercise to Music, Zumba, FitSteps, Fitness Pilates, and Level Three Pilates. As you can see I have followed a few trends but my first love was, and always will be classic aerobics, it is still the best way to get a full body workout but it would be a bit tedious if we did the same thing every week so our classes will offer you a wide range of styles including, Salsa, Boxing, Jive, Circuits, Disco, using Bender Balls as well as weights and resistance bands. So there is no chance of you getting bored with the same old routines. I keep my training updated with the latest fitness trends as well as the important health & safety aspects like first aid.

Our classes are based in the Wolverhampton and Dudley area with classes in Wombourne, Penn and Kingswinford. Check out our classes page for more details.

Our other passion is Raising Money for Brilliant Causes.

In 2014 we raised £8079

In 2015 we raised £6885

In 2016 we raised £5645

In 2017 we raised £6280

In 2018 we raised £3965

That's over £30,000 in 5 years!!!!

We are proud to have helped local and national charities including WINGS ​ (Wombourne Special Needs Support Group) The White House Cancer Trust, The Georgina Unit at Russell's Hall, The Royal British Legion, Compton Care, Macmillan Nurses, Alzheimer's Society, Midland Freewheelers, Children in Need, Young Carers, The Midlands Air Ambulance and many others.

We are currently raising money for Compton Care.

This fabulous fund raising wouldn't be possible without the generosity of our wonderful members and I'm so proud of all that they do. Throughout the year we host various events, Bingo Nights and Quiz Nights, We hold special Fitness Events like our Burlesque and Glow Night, a fabulous evening with dressing up and lots of giggles and we Burlesqued like Beyonce (well almost lol). We have a few traditional raffles but, we have anything but traditional prizes, my own very talented mum hand crafts some incredible prizes that people treasure.

So you see, its not just about the Fitness, if you are looking to make some lifelong friends and get involved in the social side of DME Fitness, you to can help us to raise funds for other incredible causes and charities.


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